Here are some candids from a recent Color Guard job… Oddly, I couldn’t find any pictures of the actual homecoming on facebook. Anybody out there with some decent investigative / research skills?

The Honor Guard marched in the American Legion, Wisconsin 1st District’s Annual Silent March. This year, the march was through Twin Lakes. Here are KAVV specific pictures, for all pictures and a really great video taken by Woody’s son Tom Jr, check out the 1st Districts website. If you like the pics and vid, TJ’s business Card is below!

The KAVV took part in a fundraiser at Milwaukee Burger to help Squadron 21. We also gave them a bit of cash. The group is experiencing a resurgence after a period of stagnation.

The August American Heroes Café Sweet Sponsor is none other than the Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans. If you haven’t been to the Café, or been there lately, you are definitely missing out.

Visit them here:

  • Festival Kenosha: 3207 – 80th Street • Friday 8:00- 11:00 a.m.
  • Festival Somers: 6000 – 31st Street • Wednesday 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Do you have one of these???

It is always an honor to do flag raising’s, this one was special in that Car Corral had a drone and filmed it from above. They made this well done video which the owner graciously allowed us to post here…

Car Corral Flag Raising July 28, 2023

This year’s Civic Veterans Parade was pretty well attended given that many members were in different parts of the parade, but there were some empty seats. Next year consider joining us. Tip of the day, “The trolly has AC!”

KAVV Brother Richard “Dick Oass passed away on July 1, 2023. You can find a link to his online obituary on our KAVV Memorial Page in the menu. Rest in Peace Brother

KAVV Honor Guard / American Legion Post 21 members Tim, Tom, Brad, and Paul recently helped a local citizen gain access to outdoors by building a ramp with material donated by Post 21. The completed ramp allows the senior citizen (who was an avid gardener) with senior citizen caretakers, to visit his garden regularly. This had been a major operation before the ramp was built.

Tom “Woody” Visintainer Sr., Tim Green, and Paul Ciarelli. Not Pictured, Brad Cramlet

Honorguard Captain Tim Green was doing a lot of work on the old 40et8 Parade locomotive and needed to take it for a test spin with passengers, so he asked the KAVV to volunteer as they were heading out to the Bristol Gun Club for a Flag Raising Ceremony. The old girl told us about some of her problems which Tim and his sons Tim & Chris, and Grandson CJ, made short work of. Thanks you brave souls for making the journey!

Sadly we didn’t have everyone, but the picture was too good not to post…

Missing: Rich W, Jim R., Chuck, Jeff, Woody, Lou, and Oliver

Welcome aboard to our two newest members, Vietnam era veteran John Argust, a US Navy Veteran, and our 3rd associate member, US Navy Veteran Brad Cramlet. They are already an important part of the squad. Next time you see them give em’ a well deserved pat on the back!