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One of Lee Teter’s first oil paintings was a portrait of the Vietnam Memorial called “Reflections”. This picture came from the artist’s heart as he tried to understand the death of loved ones. He paints the emotion he feels in himself and the emotion he feels in others. Art is Lee Teter’s language. Feeling that it would be wrong to make money from this picture he freely gave the rights to make prints to a veterans group and went back to painting history. Though the prints of the painting continue to sell throughout the United States and the world, generating millions of dollars for veterans, Lee did not benefit greatly. He was pleased, however, to receive a letter from the Governor of West Virginia, Gaston Caperton, commending him for his insight and generosity.

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Chapter 172 of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is offering this print, called “Reflections,” for sale. Lee Teter created this image and gave the copyright to 172, but dealers may buy from them and sell it.
The following information will guide you to acquiring this print:

VVA, Chaper 172
17 North Liberty Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
E-mail 172:
Toll Free: 1-800-482-VETS (8387)
Phone: 301-777-7001
FAX: 301-777-7041
E-mail for info on Print: (NOTE: This website appears to be hijacked by a clothing store.)

I have requested permission from VVA Chapter 172 to reproduce the image on this site. PVC