This is site dedicated to providing information to veterans. The folks that run this site are in various veteran organizations, but this site does not cater to any organization. It is our hope to get veterans pointed in the right direction for any assistance they may need.

This site will also try be a focal point for veteran related events happening in the area, but there are much better sites for that such as Doc’s Military-Veteran site. Doc has been running his website for 35 years and he has a wealth of information out there. To get on Doc’s Vets events email list, send him an email at: with your name and email address.

The mission of SEWIVETS.ORG is to host websites for small veteran groups that would otherwise be unable to afford one due to money or technical expertise. Social Media sites are important for getting information out, but a website provides a base of operations. Contact us if you would like to apply for a website hosted here.  Check out the “Hosted Sites” Menu for some great local organizations.

This site is apolitical. We will accept advertisements, but we won’t endorse anyone. Think of us as a small town newspaper that cares about its neighbors.